1. This regulation, hereinafter referred to as ‘Regulation’, defines the terms of sales in online store located in the following domain: www.bohomoss.com hereinafter referred to as ‘Store’, and the principles of data protection of private individuals.
  2. Paulina Patrzałek and Jolanta Łopatko is the administrator of Bohomoss Online Store, conducting business under the name Bohomoss Patrzałek & Łopatko S.C. (hereinafter: Bohomoss) with registered office at 12 Józef Piłsudski Square, Stopnica 28-130, Poland; Tax Identification Number - 6551976071, National Business Registry Number - 380016920.
  3. Online Store located at www.bohomoss.com allows to purchase goods using the following e-mail - contact@bohomoss.com (from 8:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. CET, excluding public holidays). The delivery address is 12 Józef Piłsudski Square, Stopnica 28-130, Poland.
  4. The sale of goods and services provided on the site are subject to the Regulation.
  5. In accordance with the rules set out in the Regulation, access to the store is open to anyone who has the ability to connect to the public Internet. The purchaser, by using goods available in the store, in particular those that are only available for registered users, requires an access to an e-mail account.
  6. The purchasers are obliged to refer to this Regulation before they start shopping. By using the service or making a purchase, unregistered users fully accept the conditions of the Regulation. By making a purchase, the customers agree and accept the terms contained therein, and undertakes to comply by ticking the appropriate box, which is voluntary but necessary to conclude a contract of sale through the store.
  7. The Regulation is available free of charge on the store’s website in a form that allows downloading, recording and printing.
  8. Purchasers are obliged to accept the terms and conditions of the Regulation from the moment they start using the store’s website.
  9. Any change in the Regulation will be published on Regulation tap on the website www.bohomoss.com.
  10. The sale contract is concluded between the Purchaser and Paulina Patrzałek, the Bohomoss representative.
  11. The sale contract of goods is concluded in accordance with Polish law.


  1. The store located at www.bohomoss.com is used for purchasing selected products via the Internet, goods might be sold as well in Bohomoss stationary stores.
  2. Purchases in the store can be made only by adults with a full legal capacity.
  3. The prerequisite for the proper implementation of purchases is to complete the order form consistent with the actual state, form of payment on www.bohomoss.com and to send the order by clicking on the button " Make an order ".
  4. The prices inserted on the store are only an invitation for making an offer within the meaning of article 71 of the Civil Code and it does not constitute an offer within the meaning of article 66 of the Civil Code. This catalogue of products does not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of the Civil Code but it is used for informational purposes only.
  5. The purchaser after placing a particular product or products in a virtual shopping cart, should fill in the order form with all the data necessary to execute an order.
  6. The acknowledgment of each order is confirmed by e-mail or telephone by the service of the store. The sale contract is concluded at the moment of receiving a confirmation of the order by Bohomoss.
  7. By sending an order, the purchasers declare that they are familiar with the contents of the Regulation, in particular with the possibility of a withdrawal, in accordance with Act of 30 May 2014 on Consumer Rights (Journal of Laws 2014, item 827), and accept its provisions.
  8. Online Store Bohomoss takes orders 24 hours a day, with the exception that orders placed on Sundays and holidays will be processed on the first business day, followed by the day on which the order was placed. The handing over of a product will take place immediately, not later than within 14 days from which the sale contract was made.
  9. In the event of completing the contract partially, because not all items are achievable (due to lack of availability of goods or pending realization, etc.) purchasers receive a message with information which items are completed. It depends on the purchaser’s decision whether the whole order becomes cancelled or it will be completed partially as early as possible. Depending on the decision made by the purchaser, the store confirms the total cancellation of the contract or the partial completion by telephone or electronically. If the client does not make a decision within 7 days, the order will be cancelled automatically and the customer will be notified about that.
  10. Collection and sending orders – after all ordered items are collected, the customer receives a confirmation of the fact and information of the lowest time of delivery.
  11. The prices in Bohomoss store are provided in Polish złoty (PLN) and VAT included, its amount determined by the applicable tax laws. The price of products are valid at the time the orders are made by the customer.
  12. Bohomoss store issues VAT invoices on request.
  13. By placing an order, the purchasers authorize the store to issue an invoice without their signature. The invoice will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the customers in the order form in pdf format and may be self-printed.


  1. The store will execute the order as soon as the customer makes the payment or after the customer chooses cash-on-delivery on the order form.
  2. The amount and method of payment is defined in the order form each time the order is placed. It comprises of the total price of goods and shipment details to be selected by the customer.
  3. Payments can be made in the following ways:
    • By an electronic transfer
    • By PayU.pl , a secured system of electronic payment, supported by PayU S.A with its registered office at 90 Marcelińska Street, Poznan 60-324, Poland, Polish Company Register Number - 0000478681, Tax Identification Number - 5272701713, National Business Registry Number- 146896842.
    • By PayPal, a secured e-payment system supported by PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. (R.C.S. Luxembourg B 118 349) Register Number: B00000351.
    • By cash – cash-on-delivery - into the hands of an employee of the shipping company upon receipt of goods or into the hands of an employee of the Polish Post Office.

Bohomoss store provides the customers with an appropriate form of transaction. In the case of an overpayment, the store returns surplus to the purchasers.


  1. The purchaser can select in the order form following forms of delivery:
    • delivery via Polish Post Office
    • delivery via DPD Poland, a courier company
  2. The process of an order confirmation depends on the verification of data by Bohomoss employees. Then the store contacts the customers by telephone or electronically in order to confirm the data, quantity, type and price of ordered goods.
  3. If the data provided by the customer is sufficient to complete the order, the client will be notified about the final confirmation of the order by e-mail.
  4. The final acceptance of the contract signifies that the ordered goods will be sent to the customer. In the case of a credit card payment or an electronic transfer, the customer’s bank account will be charged with previously blocked amount in order to pay for the goods.
  5. Partially completed order form (in particular incorrect e-mail address, telephone number) will be rejected if the transaction fails to be authorized in the payment system. An effective authorization means blocking client’s account for the amount corresponding to the value of the order along with the cost of shipping.
  6. In the event of a rejection of the payment, the order will be cancelled and personal data contained in it will be removed from the store’s database.
  7. When the parcel is given to a courier, the customers receive an e-mail informing them of this fact and of the form of realized shipping and an order number.
  8. Estimated time of delivery and its cost has been specified in the table of costs. The costs of delivery may vary when the tariff of operators changes.

The table of cost:

Method of deliveryCash transfer (PLN gross)Cash-on-delivery (PLN gross)Estimated time of delivery
DPD courier company15182-5 working days
Polish Post Office - foreign package30--2-7 working days


  1. For purchases above 400 PLN gross with shipment via DPD Poland are at the expense of the Store (Poland only).
  2. In the case of finding defects in the delivered goods, the store recommends to return the purchased goods to the following address: Bohomoss, 77 Grzegórzecka Street, Apartment 129, Kraków 31-559.
  3. The store does not accept cash-on-delivery parcels.
  4. ‘Acknowledgment of Returns Form’ should be attached to the returned goods within the framework of the procedure of returns. In the absence of a proof of the purchase, the purchaser must indicate other evidence of purchased goods. The complaint should contain a description of the defect and its date of creation.
  5. Bohomoss considers complaints within 14 days at the latest from the date of receipt of the items on aforementioned delivery address. The store will make every effort to inform the customer of the outcome of the complaint within 14 days.
  6. If the complaint is justified, the damaged product will be repaired or replaced by another of a high-value. If it is not conceivable, the store will pay the customer the equivalent price of the product or offer other products available in the store in exchange.


  1. The purchaser may terminate the contract without giving a reason within 14 days from the day of receiving the shipment. To comply with this deadline, the customer must send a ‘Statement of Withdrawal from the Contract’, a template that is attached to this Regulation. The customers may as well formulate their own statement of withdrawal.
  2. Bohomoss Store shall immediately repay the sum of money made by the customer in the delivery, not later than within 14 calendar days of the receipt of the Statement of Withdrawal and the returned goods. Refund will not be subject to additional costs arising from selected by the customer method of delivery other than the least expensive usual method available in the Bohomoss store. Reimbursement will take place in the same payment method used by the purchaser, unless the purchaser agrees to otherwise.
  3. Purchaser agrees to return the goods within 14 days after sending a statement of withdrawal. If the purchaser fails to comply with the return of the goods on time, the seller shall await with the refund until goods are received or the proof of the return is provided.
  4. By renouncing a contract, the purchaser shall bear all the costs of returning the goods to the Bohomoss store.


  1. The customer may exchange the goods within the same model for a different size or colour within 14 days from the day when the shipment was received. The possibility of exchange should be always confirmed with Bohomoss store, as the availability of other sizes and colours is not guaranteed. Before the end of the deadline, the exchanged goods must be delivered to the following address: Bohomoss, 77 Grzegórzecka Street, Apartment 129, Kraków 31-559, Poland.
  2. The store will make every effort to ensure the exchange of goods lasts no longer than 14 days.
  3. The store does not accept cash-on-delivery parcels.
  4. The purchaser by using the exchange procedure shall bear all the costs of returning the goods to the Bohomoss store.
  5. Shipping of goods to the customer will be made by the least expensive usual method available in the Bohomoss store. Purchasers are to make an additional payment, if they wish a different form of delivery than the one chosen by the store.


  1. Personal data inserted in the order form is processed only for execution of the order, including issuing VAT invoices, as well as for accounting purposes (in accordance with Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997, Journal of Laws No 133, item. 883).
  2. Aforementioned personal data may also be used to inform customers about new products and discounts in the store. These data are confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.
  3. Customer’s personal data is protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act, that means data are not transferred, resold or lent to other persons or institutions for purposes other than those related to the execution of the order.
  4. Access to personal data is owned by the administrator of the store.
  5. Customers have a full access to their personal data. They have the right to correct them and to ask the store to cease to process the personal information for the marketing or execution of orders purposes.
  6. The Data Administrator takes care of the security of personal information provided by customers. The store protects the data and prevents them from an unauthorized access.


  1. If the customer orders more than one item, it is possible to execute the order partially, for instance certain items of the order executed in several parts. The shipping fee will be charged only once. These changes and their legal consequences are judged on the basis of the Civil Law.
  2. This Regulation was drawn up based on the applicable provisions of Polish law. It is required to adhere to Polish law in the case when some matters are not regulated in this Regulation or proved to be contrary to the mandatory provisions of the law.
  3. Bohomoss reserves the right to amend the Regulation in regards to major technical, legal or organizational issues. The change of address and contact details of the provider specified in the Regulation, as well as the change of editorial service address - does not constitute an amendment to the Regulation.
  4. Bohomoss takes no responsibility for damages arisen from the usage of the store by customers in an inconsistent manner with the law or the Regulation, in particular for a disclosure of personal data, password or login to the account.


  1. Bohomoss may use cookies when a user visits the website.
  2. Cookies that may be used on www.bohomoss.com are only associated with the browser of a specific computer (an anonymous user), without providing the name or user name. This information is stored by the server on which the site www.bohomoss.com is located on a user's computer, and the server can read the information whenever the user connects to the computer.
  3. Cookies keep track and provide statistical data about users movement on the website and their usage of sitelinks of the store.
  4. Cookies are used to customize the website according to user’s preferences and to improve the use of it based on the statistics produced in order to improve the site, its structure and content, and to maintain user’s sessions.
  5. www.grabias.biz uses two types of cookies: ‘session cookies’ and ‘persistent cookies’. ‘Session’ cookies are temporary files stored on user’s computer, tablet, telephone until the end of the session or by abandoning the website or web browser. "Persistent" cookies are stored on user’s computer, tablet, telephone for the time specified in the parameters of cookies or until they are removed by the user.
  6. The user may choose to customize cookies in the web browser by replacing the automatic cookie maintenance with individual maintenance (user settings). Detailed information should be provided by the inventors of web browsers.
  7. When a user chooses to disable the option to accept cookies in the browser (for instance by blocking or prompting), it may lead to difficulties or may even prevent the customer from the use of the Bohomoss store.

The Regulation enters into force on 07th May 2018.