Bohomoss Patrzałek & Łopatko s.c. implements a project co-financed from European Funds, entitled "Export expansion of the Bohomoss product range as an opportunity for wider promotion of own brand."

The project provides for the promotion of competitive and high-quality products of the Company on the international market. The project will be implemented in accordance with the assumptions of the Polish Fashion promotion program. Selected markets, in which the activities will be carried out, are: the United States, China, Lithuania and Italy.

The final effect of the project will be to gain new sales opportunities through extensive promotion of own brand products on the international market. The company assumes that, as a result of the project, exports will increase and new business relationships will be established, which will contribute to strengthening the company's position on foreign markets.

The popularization of the "Bohomoss" brand outside the country, an increase in consumer awareness of the quality of products - will be conducive to the promotion of the Polish economy.

Project value: 256 020.00 PLN

Project co-financing from the EU: 217 617.00 PLN